Sunday, 27 November 2016


description:this is my drawing me of success and success is when you try your best at something that you like and i like running cause i came first this year and last year i came second and i try my best at running

image:Preview attachment IMG_7956.JPG

Wednesday, 23 November 2016


I enjoyed it cause i had lots of challenges and i try my best and i got better then last time

I was really pround was me wining 6 things cause i only got 2 last time

My challenging part was the 800 meters  cause i rain the hole way with not stoping

My goal next time is to try win all the 1 places but it will be hard to win cause there is great people in year 5 and my other goal is to try get a faster time on 800 meters
my images for one of my races:

Monday, 14 November 2016

maths survey

description:we did a survey about any thing we wanted to do i did my sing o what will you shoot it with paper or card board and what will you buy bark on the sing shot or white with no bark and the white won and we did some other awnser and you can cheak in the slides and you have cups for the choosing with green beans yellow and all the colors of beans and then you count it out and you see what will win and do a chart to see what will win

Sunday, 13 November 2016

book buddies

description:for book buddies i went with hunter we are up to our four book and we read all of dirty bertty and we had to edit our slide a lot are we did it every tueday and thursday and friday and we and i had to read a lot but i need to read more at home cause i didn't read a lot at home and i need to cause i mostly just play on my lat top so i didn't read
description:last friday we did market can we sold 4 of our street balls and we only made 8 $ and we sold the sing shots with the other group and we sold all our sing shots with the other group and they made 54$ and i did the radio station to and i help chase with it then i was in   the radio station s  for the rest of the hole market

Monday, 7 November 2016

Beats by Trey

description:for every monday tueday wenday and friday we do writing with troy or we go to nic or elly i go to troy and we did head phones and we got one head phone on images and we  made a logo and we made about what it has and what it is and i made a poster with it heres my poster


Wednesday, 21 September 2016

maths post

description:for maths we had to build a play box and we had a buget of $ 100 and the suff we had to buy it was 4 by 4 and it cost 3.03 and there where stap nails and the cost 0.03 and there were 1 meter wood sheets so i try go make the box for the first thing i did but then we try to do it again and i got stuck cause i didnt really get it for the next one so i did another one and i did it right and it was year 6 learning so it was really hard for me and i got in the learning pit when i was doing that hard maths and this is what i did